Monday, November 28, 2005

keep the fi-yer burnin'

We finally had our first snow of the winter on Saturday night and now our underinsulated little rented house at about elevation 7400 feet requires us to burn wood at top strength all our waking hours. We only bought our first cord of wood last week - before that I was gathering everything we were burning from the forest up the hill, which is fine before it snows but afterwards... I grab stuff that everybody else leaves behind as not worth getting after they've cut the bigger trunks with chainsaws. I smack long branches of pinon in half with my ducktaped woodsplitter. I beat up stumps of cedar, fragrant and disturbingly red in the middle. What I get is great for starting fires, if not for keeping them going at length. I guess I should own a chainsaw. I'm going out to get one right now. Ha ha, that's a joke. We should insulate the house instead. Renter's dilemma, how much to improve somebody else's house. Usually my answer is, not at all, but that is pretty deadbeat, dad.

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