Monday, May 30, 2005

David Mamet Says Tolstoy Said

These are the last words of David Mamet's essay
"Bambi V. Godzilla" (Harper's, June 2005) :

"Tolstoy said there is no tragedy equal to that of the marriage bed.
But I have found one, and it is that of the Artist in Hollywood and his
sick marriage with the corporation."

Mamet's article doesn't actually demonstrate this point, or any other.
But the thing itself proves something that ought to cheer him up:

An Artist with Good Name Recognition Can Get a
3-a.m.-Time-To-Go-To-Bed-Incohair-Rant on the Cover
of an Excellent Highbrow Magazine.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Zero Post

Scene - The Jerk - Steve Martin reaction to name in phone book. Harbinger of absurdity of internet famousness.

Theoretically millions might look at your blog, your website.

Millions might just as likely phone you at your famous phone number as well.

You see you can be Googled.

You are famous already. This blog is on The Internet Where It
Could Be Seen By Millions.

Hence I will make a point of not telling any of my friends about it. Everyone who reads this will find it just about like by accident.

Or by extended accident, which is how I met my friends in the first place.

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